Kilimanjaro Umbwe Route: 6 Days - Crater Excursion

This route passes via the Western Breach, a more challenging summit that offers the benefit of spectacular views of Mt. Meru, and the best sunset on the mountain.  Also, this route is less common so affords a more unique and personal summit experience.





Umbwe Cave


 Impatiens kilimanjarica

Please ensure that you have signed over your extra luggage that will not be required on the mountain to reception, and have deposited your valuables into the hotels safe.  You must bring your passport for registration at the Kilimanjaro National Park gate.  You may need some small money to spend at the supermarket on the way, such as water, batteries, or snacks.  You can also pack any cash you may have set aside for your crew’s gratuity.

7:30 am- Your guide will pick you up from your hotel. Should you wish to confirm your schedule in advance please enquire in a text message to +255 755168533 Your driver will transfer you some 1 hour 20 minutes to Machame Gate where we complete registration formalities. Climbers should have their passport numbers for their registry entries. 

After registration we will drive approximately 30m to arrive at Umbwe gate.  Here we will start our climb.

You will enjoy the dense tropical rain forest of Kilimanjaro, with many bird calls and local flowers, such as the Impatiens kilimanjarica.


Barranco Camp


Alpine chat

Today you trek from Umbwe Cave camp to Barranco camp (3984m), which is a trek of approximately 6h.

You will have a nice view of Arrow Glacier and Barranco Valley, and you will hear the soothing sounds of the river flowing from the glacier!

Hot lunch will be served upon arrival at the camp.

In the late afternoon your guide will lead you on an acclimatization hike to Barranco Wall (~4400m).


Arrow Glacier Camp



Today’s trek is from Barranco camp to Arrow Glacier camp (5100m). 

You will pass through the Barranco Valley, one of the three great valleys of Kilimanjaro.  You will be heading towards the Arrow Glacier, where you will enjoy a delicious hot lunch upon arrival at camp. Today’s trek is approximately 4h.

You may not feel like eating but please endeavor to do so as you will need the energy reserves.

During the dinner time please discuss your physical condition and preference with your guide. Please eat slow and copiously and ensure you keep asking the staff for more fluids. 

Before sleeping tonight, organize your gear so you can easily depart for the assault in the night.


Crater Camp


Around 2 am (Your guide will judge the time that is optimal for you based on your pace thus far), you will depart from Arrow Glacier and trek to the crater camp via the Western Breach.

Tonight is very difficult –particularly the final 500 m.  You will need to fight for the summit; however, you can overcome any negative thoughts and fatigue with perseverance.

It is usual to arrive at camp around 8 or 9 a.m.  After a full hot breakfast, trekkers will have a good and well deserved rest.

The afternoon is devoted to the crater excursion, where you will visit the Northern Ice Fields, Fut Angular Glacier, and Ash Pit.

The crater camp is at an altitude of 5729m, and is cold!

The rest of the day you will rest, drink water, and eat well.

Please be in close contact with your guide regarding your physical and mental well-being.




Mweka Hut

Around 4 a.m.  you will quit camp and hike to the highest point in Africa, UHURU peak!!  It is usual to spend only close to 15m at the summit, the altitude leads to exhaustion, and it’s very cold! You might give your camera to your guide as it may be hard for you to take pictures due to the cold, fatigue, and disorientation which are common.

After the summit you will descend to Barafu camp for a rest and continental lunch for 1-2 hours. 

Then you will descend as far as Mweka Hut, for your final night on Kilimanjaro.


Mweka Gate

Colobus Monkey

After having breakfast, you will descend to Mweka Gate (1641m), passing again through forest zone, where you may spot the black and white Colobus monkey!

You will able to be rewarded a certificate (if you have reach the summit or Western Breach)

You will have a final lunch in Home Stay, and will plant your commemorative tree for Boma Goes Green.  Your driver will drop you at your hotel.



Transport, park fees, camp fees, meals, licensed guides, Rescue service, tents and sleeping mats, crew salaries


Not included

Tips, alcoholic/ specialty beverages