Sixty percent of your payment is due upon booking, and the remaining 40% must be paid 30 days before your arrival schedule or on your arrival date at Mai Kili Home Stay.

Account Name: Amedeus Peter Mtui

Account Number: 3301252656


Swift Code: KCBL TZTZ

Address: P.O. Box 127 Marangu Kilimanjaro

Zip Code: 255

Address: 127 Marangu


Tipping your crew for trekking or safari has become customary in Tanzania, but is completely optional.  If you are happy with your AmaKilimanjaro experience and your crew has made your time in Africa memorable, giving a tip is appropriate.

On Kilimanjaro and trekking, a tip of 12- 15% of the total price paid for your expedition is standard, which is then split between all crew members.  At the end of your climb, you can give your tip to your guide, expedition leader, or office staff.  You can tell us how to split the total between crew members, or you can leave that up to the crew to decide as a group.

On a lodge safari, you can tip your safari guide, 10% of the cost of the safari.

It is standard to tip more for camping safaris as your crew (guide and cook) have more work to do!  Tipping 10% for the crew to share is usual.

If you are unhappy with your crew, don’t feel the need to tip generously, and please be in touch with AmaKilimanjaro’s administration.


AmaKilimanjaro offers our clients the option to include their tips with their payment. Many clients prefer this because it avoids worrying about how much to tip, and when, and they don’t have to pack cash around while on their expedition.

The equal payment plan is beneficial for your crew because they can count on getting the same payment for every expedition. This of course makes it easier for individuals to create budgets, save money, and plan for the future and their families.

This also ensures that tips are divided equally and fairly among the crew. You may have read in tour books that cash tips sometimes go astray when handed to one crew member to distribute.

If you choose to add your gratuity to your booking payment, AmaKilimanjaro will add the following percentages to your total.

Kilimanjaro + Trekking: 5% of total

Lodge Safari: 8% of total

Camping Safari: 10% of total

Other costs to consider while traveling in Tanzania

Gratuities for crew

Tourist and Volunteer visa

Souvenirs shopping

Beverages and snacks

Gifting/ donating

Local transportation

Meals in Zanzibar

Lunches for volunteers


PCR test.