AmaKilimanjaro is fortunate to be able to donate money/items to many locations, such as equipment to the hospital, medicine to patients, clothing to a halfway home for porters and children, educational resources, and more.

  • We are a self-sustaining non-profit organization. While we are still working towards revenues meeting (and exceeding) expenditures, donations help us to sustain our organization and realize community projects.  Future profits will be reinvested into the company, or go directly into funding community projects.
  • We are grateful for all bookings, contributions, and sponsorship from clients, volunteers, and folks at home looking to help out.
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to donate or sponsor. You can donate to a general fund or a particular project.
  • We can also make contributions to your area of interest, whatever that may be!

For more information about the plan please contact us.